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Get rid of post construction junk with the best janitorial company Penticton Building a new space is exciting, but the aftermath of the construction leaves us with a huge amount of debris and post-construction junk. Be it remodeling your home, office, or store to just adding little details to your already beautiful home, janitorial cleaning service is here to offer you a wide range of post construction clean-ups. With us by your side, moving into your new space will be breezy for you. We extend our expertise to condominiums, retail stores and many more. The services from commercial janitorial services Penticton: Foster Janitorial - Commercial Cleaning Company is specially equipped for tough cleaning services at any commercial construction site, be it small or a high rise multi-storied building. We specialize in transferring a messy construction site into a pristine area in no time! Our janitorial services Penticton include, but are not limited to: • Removal of debris • Power washing • Carpet and floor care • Glass and window cleaning • Daily maintenance of the construction site We at Foster Janitorial believe that construction and cleaning should go hand in hand. We are efficient and do not leave out a single phase of the construction that needs a clean-up glow! We have a highly trained team who can quickly respond to touch-up repairs, renovations and new builds. Going beyond construction sites: Our team cleaners can impeccably clean every inch of your office space, including community centers, conference rooms, waiting rooms, club halls, etc. unlike other office cleaning companies Penticton, we make sure to take care of restocking your inventory of consumable items like paper towel, toilet paper, soaps and other needed miscellaneous items. • Efficiency runs in our veins • We are honest • We are swift Do you want to know what others are saying about the best janitorial company Penticton? Scroll through If you require our service, all you have to do is call us at +12504868579 or visit us at 705 Balsam Ave, Penticton, BC V2A 9B7, Canada.

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